Promoting safety management becomes new feature in TCIAA service contracts

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TCIAA have taken SMS to a new level of commitment by including safety clauses in their service contracts.

In a move to ramp up the management of safety at airports in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Airports Authority has included clauses in their contract with service providers that will promote safety.

Being responsible for the safety of all operations at airports that fall under the Airports Authority’s portfolio, the new clauses sets out to bind the contractors to safe practices and procedures that fall within their purview.

The new clauses are as follows:

CONTRACTOR shall employ best practice methods and meet all of TCIAA requirements in identifying, assessing and controlling SAFETY HAZARDs. These methods and the outcome shall be documented.

CONTRACTOR shall reduce SAFETY HAZARDS to a level, which is ALARP and shall submit, upon TCIAA request, its risk assessment for review.

CONTRACTOR shall ensure that PERSONNEL are provided with sufficient and fit-for-purpose Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and shall ensure that such is maintained in a good condition.

The clauses serve as demonstrable measures that the Airports Authority is serious about maintaining risks as low as possible in an industry that is wrought with dangers.

This measure comes on the heels of the annual audit of the Safety Management System, and coaching in best practices for the organization.

The Airports Authority issues dozens of service contracts annually.