World AIS Day being celebrated

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Aviation services around the globe is pausing to recognize World Aeronautical Information Service Day. It was on this day (May 15) 64 years ago that the Standards and Recommended Practices for Aeronautical Information Services were first adopted by the ICAO Council making it the 15th Annex to the convention on International Civil Aviation.

The aim of the aeronautical information service (AIS) is to ensure the flow of aeronautical information necessary for safety, regularity, economy and efficiency of international air navigation.

As one of the important pillars for safe and efficient air navigation, it stands as a testament to the level of international standardization that has been achieved and continues to me met to make global air navigation safe.

Even as AIS Day is being observed, the service is experiencing a massive transformation of its own. The product oriented AIS is morphing into a data oriented enterprise called Aeronautical Information Management (AIM).

With the advent of area navigation (RNAV), performance-based navigation (PBN), airborne computer-based navigation systems and data link systems, emphasis is being placed on data mining and management so that these systems can interact with it.

The AIS’s paper-based documentation and telex-based text messages cannot satisfy these modern requirements.

All in all, AIM is being positioned to better serve airspace users and the needs of Air Traffic Management (ATM).

Cheers to the AIS/AIM Officers around the globe that keep the flow of information to serve pilots and air traffic controllers.